About Balmoral Partners

At Balmoral Partners Investment Management, our aim is clear - to be the premier investment management firm, delivering exceptional services to global institutional clients. 

About Balmoral Partners

Balmoral Partners Investment Management Limited is a leading global asset management firm. We manage assets for institutional investors around the globe including sovereign wealth funds, foundations, endowments, family offices and HNWI. We have a global team spanning offices in Abu Dhabi (HQ), London and Sydney.

Our business success is based on our exceptional talent base, cutting edge technology to empower our investment process and execute on the most compelling investment ideas, and a wide range of institutional investment products suited for investors across all risk spectrums.

Over the years, we have applied and evolved our investment mandate by offering these products within a rigorous institutional framework.

Employing a multi-strategy investment approach, we aim to achieve an optimal risk-return profile while capitalizing on investment opportunities across various industry segments and geographical markets. Our investment goal is to deliver exceptional risk-adjusted investment returns across all macroeconomic environments for our clients.

Our investors seek a diverse range of investment opportunities across asset classes including equities, fixed-income, currencies, commodities, private equity, venture capital, real-estate and digital assets.

Our Ethos

In a dynamic and uncertain global economic climate, change remains constant. We thrive on swift adaptation while upholding our core values and principles. Mindful of the investments we make and the roles we undertake, we strive to create positive and constructive outcomes for all stakeholders and society at large.


Balmoral Partners aims to be the preferred global investment management firm, recognised for empowering thriving, best-in-class businesses that drive sustainable and innovative solutions, catalysing positive and transformative changes worldwide.


Balmoral Partners endeavours to serve as the pre-eminent platform bridging world-class businesses and innovation across key strategic regions, committed to delivering optimal risk-return for our valued investors.

Our Team's DNA

The Balmoral Team’s DNA combines decades of industry acumen and investment experience at the top Wall Street Banks and Global Asset Managers.

Our Global Presence

Balmoral Partners Investment Management has a global presence with offices in Abu Dhabi (HQ), London and Sydney.

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